Tom's Resume

Early years;   Tom was born and raised in Toledo Ohio, the youngest of five children. He enjoyed being the life of the party and entertaining his older siblings. From a young age he was encouraged to work hard, get a good education, always keep your word and never-ever quit. He was raised in a home filled with optimism, humor and great food. No matter how tough times became they always supported each other with humor and a meal. When Tom wasn't going to school he loved working on motorcycles, cars or hot rods. He and his friends were always trying to get their cars to go faster or make more noise to impress the local girls. There was always something going on at the Braithwaite household.

Education & Work;  Tom graduated from high school in Toledo Ohio and then pursued courses in math and engineering at the local community college. He had an interest in world travel and eventually traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe and North Africa. He lived and studied in Spain for a period of 2 years and became fluent in Spanish.

On his return from Europe, Tom attended LeTourneau University in Texas for continued engineering studies. He finally settled in his hometown of Toledo and took a position in the burgeoning Graphic Arts industry. In 1978 he married and in 1979 moved to Southern California and continued in the Graphic Arts & Marketing industry in Los Angeles. He became a journeyman dot-etcher in 1984 and three years later earned a second journeyman ship as a Laser Scanner technician. Tom enjoyed the long hours and challenging work environment in LA. During this time he worked closely with some of the best and finest marketing companies on the west coast. Tom's skills were in high demand to market products for companies such as; Mercedes Benz, Rollex, Neiman Marcus, Lexus, GIA, GM, Microsoft, Apache, Norlund Yachts and numerous others. He became proficient in sales via the written word.

Transition to Real Estate sales;  In 1993, Tom was recruited by a graphic arts firm in Carlsbad California. He moved his family from Huntington Beach to Carlsbad that year and made North San Diego county his new home. In 1998, after almost 20 years in Graphic Arts, Tom made the decision to pursue his passion for direct sales and left the Graphic Arts. For many years Tom's older siblings and his relatives continually encouraged him to pursue a career in residential real estate sales. After repeated arm-twisting by his older siblings, Tom earned his license in record time and became a Realtor in 2000.

Tom set about using his knowledge of sales and technology to market homes. He set numerous sales records and became known for getting homes sold in record time. His Ohio work ethic and never-give-up attitude served his clients well. His creative approach to sales meant that he kept looking for ways to attract buyers to his listings and was able to keep buyers excited about his listings and generate offers for his sellers.

Tom's Specialties;  Most real estate agents will sell homes that are relatively easy to sell. They try to avoid homes that have unique challenges or present difficult obstacles to overcome. Because of Tom's work ethic, life experience, vision and ability to think outside the box, he does not hesitate to help buyers and sellers in difficult situations or buying and selling unique properties. Tom has produced a wide array of successful sales of homes that other agents could not sell;  successful sales of former for-sale-by-owner homes, successful sales of probate properties, successful sales of trust-owned properties, successful sales of difficult short sale properties. No matter what the challenge, Tom will find the solution or find the person that has the solution. To that he is committed.

Specialties: Along with normal home sales, Tom handles expired listing sales, for-sale-by-owner sales, probate sales, trust sales, car collector home sales (car property sales), acreage sales, tract sales, new home sales, condo sales, townhouse sales, golf course home sales, short sales, etc.