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Are you in the real estate market to purchase a home or property that can house all your custom cars, classic cars, off road vehicles or desert toys? Well, you came to the right place. We are a full service real estate brokerage. I personally have a passion to help car crazy nuts like you and me to find a great place to store your toys.

There are approximately 800 to 1,000 car properties in San Diego county. They range in price from $400,000 to well over $10 million. These car properties can hold anywhere from 5 to 90 or more cars. They range from basic warehouses with a residence to palatial estates with under ground parking. Many of the San Diego county car properties will never go through the normal MLS marketing system because the sellers do not wish to expose their collections to the prying eyes of the public.

How do we find you an acceptable car property?

#1 MLS searches:  Often times the car properties are hidden in the MLS by real estate agents who don't understand car property buyers. Those agents just market the house as a big garage or extra garage space or workshop. They don't understand the features and benefits the property has to offer and often the property will go unsold. 

#2 Past MLS searches (expired-canceled listings):  Over the last 24 months,There were approximately 392 car properties in the county that tried to sell but were unsuccessful. Many of these property owners would still like to sell. We constantly work to stay in contact with these potential sellers.

#3 The For Sale By Owner MLS:  We are one of the only real estate offices that has access to the FSBO MLS. Many agents and brokers do not like to work with for sale by owners so they completely miss these available properties. I personally admire anyone who attempts to sell a property on their own. Unfortunately, these properties sell for much less than they could get by hiring a professional agent. In San Diego county less than 2% of the FSBO properties will be successful selling and not because they are bad or defective properties. It is simply a matter of marketing.

#4 Our extensive network:  Because we attend the countless Southern California car events, we are constantly compiling the names addresses and phone numbers of car property owners throughout the SoCal area. Emphasis on San Diego county. Furthermore, our listings bring us into contact with more and more potential sellers every day.

Looking to buy a car property in San Diego county?

Call my office today to set an appointment. We love real estate and we love cars and would like to help you find the perfect car property.  

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